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About Us

E-commerce is growing fast and so are customer expectations. Meeting these demands requires a fulfillment partner as dynamic as the industry itself—a partner that not only offers fast, flexible, accurate services but also understands consumers, brands and how they build relationships.

Satisfillment is about more than moving products from point A to point B—it is about simplifying the e-commerce process for brands so that they can grow with confidence. Our satisfillment centers make this possible.

Think Like a Brand

At Project Verte, global leaders in logistics, fulfillment and supply chain technology work together with creative thinkers from marketing, sales and communications to put the brand’s needs first every step of the way.

Seamless Integration

Project Verte’s APIs and user-friendly plugins integrate easily with leading shopping carts and e-commerce platforms, connecting your existing store to automated fulfillment services and intuitive software.


Your bottom line matters to us. These are some of the ways we optimize costs and improve margins.

Automated Fulfillment

Our AI-powered robotics system, the GreyOrange Butler, increases picking productivity by 3x to 5x. This means individuals can pick hundreds of orders per hour with assistance from automated robots.

Flexible Storage

Storage locations to support a wide range of different SKU types, adaptable to your needs. Our facility offers multiple handling capabilities – pallets, cases and reaches all in one place.

Ship with Precision

With support from carriers, we offer discounted shipping rates and can further reduce your cost by optimizing packaging through order consolidation. Additionally, dashboards in the Seller Portal give you the on-demand tools to monitor orders and inventory with precision.

Real time order optimization

Our warehouse AI works in real time to use resources more effectively and optimize mobile storage unit locations. Additionally, multi deep storage and slot level storage for supplier inventory provides high efficiency space utilization. This offsets costs, creating savings for you.

Our skilled employees work collaboratively with our AI enhanced robots.

By automating many time consuming, dangerous and repetitive tasks with robots, we engage employees in more advanced processes and skilled work. This collaborative approach reduces errors and boosts productivity.

We have robust processes in place to monitor and mitigate cybersecurity risks, including a decentralized encrypted database on blockchain.

Our facility is highly secure with multiple redundant security systems along with 24/7 monitored surveillance systems in place.

We support end to end visibility at both the SKU-level and location-level through our seller portal

With our innovative software, we can conduct inventory audits and reconciliation without halting operations, significantly reducing inventory losses, damages, and misplacements. Moreover, our automation process ensures increased precision with minimal handling of inventory, increasing throughput and reducing inventory shrinkages.


Our satisfillment centers are agile and adaptive, with technologies built to scale. We manage your fulfillment needs as they grow and seamlessly optimize and adjust to customer expectations while keeping output high and labor costs low.

Speed to Market

Our warehouse is designed to reduce your O2D time significantly, enabling you to fulfill orders sooner and faster. Our typical dock to stock time ranges from 2-4 hours.

High Accuracy

Not only do our automated satisfillment centers cut costs dramatically, we also offer 99.99% order fulfillment accuracy. Our error-free order fulfillment significantly reduces product returns and refunds, building confident, trustworthy relationships with customers.

Product Photography

On a digital platform, brands only have a few seconds to connect with consumers and quality product photography is a key point of contact. In our satisfillment center studio, Project Verte offers customized product photography for SKUs in our warehouse to ensure a powerful first impression that builds brand equity and awareness.

Custom Branded Packaging

Visual branding is crucial to building a unique product and one of the quickest ways to develop a meaningful relationship with consumers. With the right branding, any consumer product can resonate in profound ways. The Project Verte team will work in tandem with brands to develop custom packaging, slips and boxes that will maintain brand identity from warehouse to doorstep.

Promotion and Digital Marketing

Using inventory, order and sales data, Project Verte can help brands flash sales, promotions and digital campaigns to move sitting inventory, generate brand interest and offset seasonal fluctuations. In addition, our team understands how to maintain brand identity in a promotional context.