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Project Verte

Project Verte is a social ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to create a participatory community.

When we work together we benefit not only the lives of others, but also our own.
Community, born from trust, is the key to our satisfillment.

Satisfillment Centers

Automated warehousing and logistics facilities.

Verte’s Satisfillment Centers are powered by the GreyOrange Butler System, providing businesses of all sizes with streamlined access to cutting-edge supply chain technology.

Precision, convenience and speed nurture a sense of trust between buyers and sellers.

Have a warehouse? Verte will cover the initial investment for an automation upgrade and guarantee a 30% increase in efficiency.

Supporting a self-sustaining community.

A distributed ledger for issuing and maintaining digital assets in a uniquely scalable way.

  • Easy-to-integrate and secure
  • Seamless public-private permissions
  • Single keyholder validation
  • Proprietary data compression algorithm
Our asset data blockchain is the foundation of accurate information in the Verte ecosystem.

Enabling informed, confident decisions.

GoVerte, our proprietary search engine built on blockchain, offers users complete access to accurate information.

By indexing and storing data on a fully transparent blockchain, GoVerte brings certainty to the search experience.

Fostering meaningful relationships between businesses and people.

MyVerte is not an e-commerce marketplace. It’s an entirely new way of thinking about business online that cultivates a trusting community, empowering vendors and customers alike.

Digital Payments

Freedom to transact on your own terms.


VertePay is an easy-to-integrate gateway for digital payments —an efficient, low-cost plugin designed to function within any existing ecommerce platform or multicart system.


VerteWallet is a completely secure and redundant digital currency wallet that enables users to send, receive and hold digital currencies with confidence.


VertExchange is an instant digital asset exchange that works in concert with VertePay and VerteWallet to ensure streamlined, less costly transactions.

Health insurance built
on blockchain

VerteHealth is a community-based health insurance (CBHI) program based on the core principles of trust and mutual benefit.

Bringing communities together around shared causes.

This fully-integrated, charity-driven benefits program grows alongside every transaction on the marketplace, giving participants the opportunity to donate to one of seven philanthropic categories each time they place an order.

A range of in-house financial services for retail businesses.

Overte fosters an environment in which businesses have the confidence and resources to focus on their growth, innovation and optimization—creating a more dynamic marketplace in the process.

Fully decentralized peer-to-peer messaging.

Built on blockchain, the twoverte platform offers direct and dependable communication within the Verte community, building a uniquely cooperative and open environment.

Our ultimate purpose.

Aum is the culmination of all that the community does with the space and tools that Verte provides.

If Verte begins with the proposition of a self-sustained ecosystem, then that ecosystem guides the evolution toward Aum: the fulfillment of your individual needs and wants, built on trust and satisfillment—true balance.

Verte starts with a familiar idea, cultivating meaningful participation that leads you to Aum: a unique resolution and a unified sense of purpose.